Your Story is Priceless

Hi, my name is Eileen Walsh, and I will help you write the essence of your life in my new on-line course, “Your Ethical Will!”

Your Ethical Will is a brief letter on the meaning and purpose of your life, the people and places that made you who you are and taught you what you believe. The writing process is healing for you and leaves a priceless gift for your family.

My course guides you step by step through memories and stories to leave your beliefs, wisdom, advice, hopes and blessings for your loved ones. You do not need inspiration, research or a special writing table. I will not let you get lost or overwhelmed. Your Ethical Will can be written anywhere, any time and completed in a few short hours. You already have everything you need inside you. I just help you free your masterpiece. 

I know my system works. I will hold your hand, get you unstuck and guide you through to magnificent completion.

Your story is the window to your soul. Your words are jewels, valuable enough to be written and shared. No matter what has been taken from you, your story remains. Your story will be lost if you do not write it down.

Your time here on earth is limited, but your story can live forever, Your words are more relevant for those coming after you than Shakespeare. Your truth can be their shelter, their well to draw from, a compass to reset their life.

If  you don’t wake up tomorrow morning, do your loved ones know your life story? The depth of your love for them? Have you given them the guidance only you can? I want you to heal, forgive, inform, entertain and inspire with your story. I want you to feel generous and accomplished. I want you to take center stage. I want to realize you are rich beyond your earthly possessions.

I see over and over in my practice that accidents, illness, death and diminished capacity come to all of us. Lets write our story before the the opportunity melts away. I promise, writing your Ethical Will will be the most life affirming, transformative journey you will ever undertake.  Come join me! 


Ethical Will Banner that shows the three step journey of this online Course

What You Get with Your Purchase

  • Eight video sessions with Eileen guiding you step-by-step through the writing process from first to last word
  • Transcript of each video session so you can keep our prompts and suggestions by your side as you write
  • Timed, numbered worksheets for each session to keep you on track and moving efficiently through the program
  • Full email support from Eileen and her team. We will answer your questions and quickly get you back on track
  • Ongoing support from our community of fellow storytellers
Transcripts for Each Session
Session Worksheets
Eileen, as a leader, you set the tone and created the environment for this magic to happen. I love the words you chose, the energy and enthusiasm you brought, as well as the optimism and commitment. Wow!




– Rich from Chicago

You touch on that longing in every human being to transcend beyond the daily struggle to make ends meet, juggle life’s obligations and somehow make sense of it all.




– Ruth Rubin, Chicago

I think one of your greatest assets is the way you can make those around you feel and ultimately, act. Of course, that’s the whole point of inspiration. Not many can do what you do!




– Len Heine, Tinley Park

Eileen brings great enthusiasm and belief in the power of our story. She leads with an open heart, keen vision and heightened awareness – always in awe of each person’s growth.




– Theresa Suchy McGraw, Art, Body and Soul

Eileen truly cares about each of her participants and provides wonderful support.




– Victoria Hamel

I want to thank you Eileen for being the person you are. You are beautiful inside and out and I am so honored to be part of this process. I am addicted, hook, line and sinker!


– Bernie Godfrey Naughton

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